Sunday, February 15, 2009


Assalamualaikum and Greetings!

I'm Erny, would like to offer you a fighting chance in order to survive this economically challenged world.
Everyone is well awared about the current financial crisis that has been troubling the world, especially in Malaysia, as a country who depends a lot on the American economy which we all knew is currently sliding down. Moreover, as a human being, we all have our dreams we want to live, health we'd like to maintain and loved ones we'd like to care. I have the perfect solution and the greatest opportunity to accomplish all that, and it's through "The Next Trillion Industy", as qouted from a world renowned, brilliant economist, Paul Zane Piltzer.

The Next Trillion Industry term refers to the Networking Business, which specialize in the Healthcare Industy, and the leading company in this business is the Usana Health Science (Estadblished since 1992). The word USANA, is derived from a Greek phrase, which means True Health. With our motto, "True Health, True Wealth" Usana has provided the perfect weapon in our life long battle against illness and the financial distress. Our main product, the Essentials, has been ranked the No. 1 Multivitamin in the Comperative Guides to Nutritional Supplement, authored by Lyle MacWilliam, and our lucrative compensation plan had won the Fairest Marketing Plan in the world for several times.

After entering 13 other markets all over the world, Usana had finally made its way over to our beloved Malaysia on January 2007. After only 2 years in Malaysia, Usana had given birth to lots of ordinary people with extra-ordinary, 5 to 6 figures income, and most importantly, they are in the most optimum state of health.

Our group, the Bo$$ Network (8055), has been known for our endless dedication in changing people's life to satisfy our vission, "From Zero to Hero, From Nobody to Somebody, From Loss to Bo$$". We'd like to help people, especially youngsters, to live the full potential of their life with guidance of our wise leaders.

I'd like to invite you to become a Pioneer in our misssion of True Health and True Wealth in Malaysia!
I'd like to invite you to stop wishing and start living your dreams!
I'd like to invite you to become Bo$$!

If you are interested in changing your life, do contact me through this particular:-

h/p number : 0129670713/0132429638
email/YM :
Friendster ID :

I'd really hope to see you, together we can make the world a better place to live.

Towards Financial Freedom

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